About Clay

Mid 2018. Zach had just jumped ship from film school to better afford looking after the family. Still yearning for a new creative outlet, he binged on coding tutorials late in the night. Slowly, a game prototype begun to form. Foolishly proud, Zach reached out for assistance via the engine forums. 

Luckily, the call was answered by Damien, a local science teacher and fellow father with a few games under his belt and an early prototype of Nation Breakers ready at hand. It quickly became apparent that both our sons were great friends and that Damien was a FAR better programmer. Meaning that Zach should stick to scribbling, best not he break everything…

What originally started as a “I’ll draw yours, if you code mine.” kind of deal, “Nation Breakers: Steam Arena” became their soul focus and the birth of a fierce creative union that’s shown no sign of slowing down. As the identity of Coded Clay Interactive manifested, their creative values came to the surface. CCI strives to deliver quality, fun and engaging experiences for all those who spend their valuable time on our games.

Co Founder – Programming, Design.
Video games are my passion. I designed, programmed and (poorly) produced the art for my first game at the age of 15 in 2001. While I still played games, I didn’t come back to making games until 2012. Now I somehow juggle being a father, a high school teacher, running an education business, working with Zach and trying to break through to the diamond ranks in Rocket League. I brought this on myself and accept all responsibility.

Co Founder – Artist, Design.
Raised in an art gallery by two artists, I went on to study graphic design as well as venture into many creative fields. Art, Miniature Painting, Voice Acting, Film, Tattooing, Writing, Music – All of which slowly built the skills that lead me to Game Design, the hardest and funnest of them all!

Music Score.
Small, hobbit like creature that writes music and produces records in the heart of Somerset, UK. Started life as a graphic artist, now a studio owner, who knows where he will end up next. Mars?
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